Turner Residence

This house was a joy to work on and I truly had a great time with my clients. Definitely one of my best designs (if I do say so myself !). Also one of my most challenging. (I think I say that every time !) My clients were so excited to get going, get it designed and see it built that it really motivated me. Not that everyone isn’t excited about their home but in this case it was particularly enjoyable. Mostly I recall a lot of “Hello Mr. Sutton…when are we meeting next ?” phone messages and the excited phone calls or emails first thing in the morning from Mrs. Turner after a night of cutting and pasting my plan to come up with the perfect room layouts. Made me smile and was fun to collaborate so much.

I think the toughest part of this was the style. A new one for me; contemporary courtyard home with a nod to deco was my starting point. I won’t ramble here too much other than to say….there we’re moments I didn’t think I could do it. That I’d never get the right look but….voila !! It happened.

The gallery below contains the plan images and progress photos starting August 2015.


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Existing house July 2015 from Streetview. I didn't actually get a picture of the house until demo day.Aug 25/16 Demo day !The house was concrete block with 2x4 furring outside. Unique for sure.Didn't take long for the house to disappear. Thought it would be interesting to pull out my file to show some of the many photos, clippings and sketches that went into this.Lots and lots of info to consider !One of the cut & pasted ideas from my client. This was close to the end of the process.More scribbles !We had done an entirely different layout mid stream and went back to the initial idea.The final layout.Great view of the house on the lot. The backyard is big enough for another small house. Amazing.Front view. Love this.Interesting to note the entire house has flat ceilings. I varied the wall heights and build outs to create the illusion of varied ceilings.Front with fencingLove the look of the garage here. I ran the overhang into the corner build outs. Gives the impression the wall is recessed. Bit of a rear yard view.Looking towards the den at rear.From dining nook toward kitchenKitchen From kitchen to living & dining nook with access to courtyard.Feb 27/16 Not a lot to see yet but there's definitely progress now that the foundation is done.One of the corner build outs on the front of the garage.Just a bit of foam here. The house is on a heated slab so two layers of rigid are required under slab.Rear detached garage foundation.Just look at the size of this yard. All I can think is lawn darts !Mar 13/16. Slabs are done and framing is started. Looking from left front corner of garageCorner of den looking toward livingThe foam creates a thermal break between foundation wall and slab. When the wall plates are set down they will cover foam as floors will be polished concrete.Detached garage slabLooking from rear yard at master bedroom end.Looking from outer edge of courtyard toward garage . mudroom on right.Now it's looking like something.Office windows look into entry courtyard. Entry door in middle.Check out the size of this garage. Heaven.You'll get this view to the courtyard each time you pass from garage down the hall to living area.I'm standing at the kitchen island looking towards the courtyard.High openings are for glass block in the ensuite shower. Courtyard looking into living.Exiting the master bedroom hallway looking into living / kitchen.Detached garageAgain....heaven for the lawn dart enthusiast. Garage viewed from entry door.Finally....I got my sign put up. April 4/16. Ok now this is coming along ! Getting a feel for how the roof looks on the garage. Entry door looking to front yard.I'm in love with how this is looking.Again, the garage. This is going to look so good.You can see the roof over the kitchen entry door hanging past the wall. Gotta give a shout out to Norberg Truss for incorporating my ideas so flawlessly.Den roof. I put a 4ft overhang on the garage here. Bit of tricky looking framing.Can you believe I didn't mention lawn darts !?!?!Master ensuite endLooking from side yard kitchen door toward courtyard.Won't be long until the rest of the roof build outs are done. So happy to see this taking shape.