Traditional Style with Modern Features

trad6Looking back at this design, the first thing I think about was my initial site visit. I honestly recall thinking that there was just no way I was going to fit this house (or ANY house) on the lot. I thought…lot ? what lot ? There almost was no lot to speak of, just a pile of blasted material and a steep drop off to the road below. Once the property was surveyed and I got a basic building shape plotted onto the topography, it rolled along from there.

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The roof is one of the defining features of this house. It looks great from the street but the view from above really highlights its shape.. The choice of windows makes an enormous difference to the finished look of any home. In this case, the owner chose units to match the plans with extra wide mullions rather than simple grids. It's the little things that make a difference.You can see here how much the lot drops off to the rear. The basement walls are 10 ft tall (where the lower window is located) and there are sub-basement foundation walls to meet the sloping grade.. I've been known to use multiple gables and this is no exception!This home has a workshop located below the garage which is accessible from both the basement and the exterior. Due to the steepness of grade, it was nearly as economical to provide a structural slab rather than backfill the 10 ft high garage perimeter walls.Portions of the glass railing were extended and frosted to provide privacy from the adjacent home.The choice of colours and natural landscaping allow the house to blend into the landscape.The ceiling detail in the great room was a little tricky as it vaults in three directions up to the flat ceiling. There is certainly no lack of natural light in the great room.Windows matching the vaulted ceilings allow for floor to ceiling views.You can still catch lake views sitting at the dining room table.View to the great room from rear of the kitchen.I have to give credit to the homeowner for creating this amazing ceiling detail. It mimics the shape of the island and adds a modern feel to kitchen. Imagining it without the detail it would seem somewhat plain.The lake views here are stunning. I've said this before but I'm no fan of heights anymore. I get a little wobbly in the knees looking over the railings.The decks aren't excessively large but allow plenty of room for dining and enjoying the views.The shape of the shower and the use of half-height walls make it feel like part of the room. Not a bad view while getting ready for the day.Inviting spot to relax and soak at the end of the day.No excuses for not wanting to work out in this room.The media room is just awesome. The homeowner researched every aspect and even the lit ceiling resembles a theater.The use of wood in this house gives a rich and warm feel. There's just enough to give a natural feel without being over the top.The arched door leads to the wine room. It style and shape mimic the front entry door.