Dave was a true professional throughout our project. However, he was even more than that! He guided us in the process even when we didn’t really know what we wanted. Time and time again he listened to us and made the adjustments. The whole process was collaborative and as a result we ended up with the house of our dreams. We depended on Dave and he always came through for us. We would highly recommend Ironwood Residential Design to everyone.

Rick & Judy Gartell, Penticton

Dave met with us on several occasions to ensure that the house was customized to our needs, wants and wishes. He was knowledgeable of the building codes and responsive with feedback on what we could and couldn’t do. We had lots of ideas to fit onto a very small lot. He was very creative in incorporating our ideas into the plan resulting in a very unique contemporary home with a wise use of space, indoors. He also capitalized the use of the outdoor living space with two large private decks in a residential neighbourhood. He worked closely with our builder fine-tuning the details. We would highly recommend Ironwood Residential Design!

Mike & Janet Barrett , Penticton

My wife and I worked with Dave on the design of a house to be built on a large view lot overlooking Okanagan Lake. We met with Dave and provided him with our wish list and ideas that we would like incorporated in the home design. Dave spent time at the lot and engaged required engineers and contractors to develop a constructible design to meet our desires and requirements. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final product and would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a custom design to meet their design and budget requirements

Tom Adkins, Calgary

­­­­­­­­­­­­Dave from Ironwood Design was wonderful to work with. He helped us with a kitchen and dining room addition. This was not an easy task as our house is a 3 level split, and we were going to loose an upstairs bedroom window. Dave was able to reconfigure the upstairs and still leave us with enough bedroom space for our family of 4, as well as give me my dream kitchen and dining room. The addition was seamless. All our neighbors and friends comment on how it looks like the house should have always been this way. My husband and I have been trying for 10 years to come up with a plan to add on to our house and fix our small apartment size kitchen. Dave was able to put to paper what we have talked about for all those years. He really was able to make our dreams a reality and within our budget.

Dawn Follestad, Penticton

Working with Dave at Ironwood Design was a fantastic experience. His knowledge of the process was vast and his artistic abilities captured the look and feel that we wanted. We are very happy to have Dave on our side and look forward to the next project with him.

 Eric Inglis, Penticton


Brilliant is the word that has burst into my mind countless times over the past few months.  We are terribly remiss in not writing or phoning to thank you long before now for your brilliant work.  Believe me, we have launched a virtual armada of thank you bubbles toward Penticton. Perhaps one or two of them reached you. 

As the project has developed, your insight and creativity have revealed themselves consistently.  Not simply with enabling our vision to come to life through your drawings, but with all of the small details you had the expertise, imagination and foresight to include, we have realized with gratitude how completely in tune with our concepts your work is.

Please come and celebrate your genius with us some time soon.  The roof is almost finished, as is the stucco scratch coat, the windows and doors are in, and we are ready for drywall.  Every week more of the character of the house emerges and we are stunned to see in real life before us the house we envisioned so long ago.  It has truly been one of the most amazing experiences of our lives to witness a home growing from a shared concept to a drawing on paper to a bunch of materials that together perfectly form the home we dreamed of.  We simply cannot thank you enough for your brilliance in enabling this process.

I have lots of pictures of the “birthing process” and will send you a bunch for your entertainment.  Once the house is finished and the lawn back, of course, we will get some portraits of your and our baby to you.

We would most heartily recommend your work to anyone who is searching for a designer that truly puts his mind and heart into his clients’ dreams.

Arlene and Lyle Mac William, Summerland

My experience with Dave Sutton of Ironwood Residential Design was outstanding! Dave is a very thorough professional who listened to what I wished to build, and the design he delivered for my carriage house was beyond my expectations. I keep receiving compliments on the finished building by complete strangers. By far, some of the best design work in the region. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who has a project to design and build.

Joh Nichols, Penticton

Dave was meticulous with his work. He listened to our direction and provided constructive criticism when he felt that something could be improved upon. He completed detailed plans for both our home and barn that was constructed. We were delighted with his final product as it was just what we had envisioned. If I need any other design work in the future I will be sure to speak with him!

David Stoll & Lisa Friesen, Summerland

When my wife and I decided to build again it was with great reluctance.  Dave from Ironwood Design convinced us to just start thinking about what we would want.  It was several months in getting our thoughts to paper, a few revisions and we are ready to start…stress free.  Dave’s willingness to make changes we requested were always positive encounters and his insight into design gave us a building plan of exactly what we wanted and what our realtor says will sell.

 Mike, Penticton

David can reach into your mind and piece together what you’ve felt your whole life would be the home you’d live in forever. His humble personality completely relaxed my wife and I and enabled us to grow with the creation of our home plans. From start to finish we were consulted and never did I feel like I was being guided by his needs, it was about us and that was clear. David has an ability to create plans that make sense; you can take them to a contractor and see the appreciation they have for a plan that works. I feel very comfortable with David’s competency and would be happy to recommend him to any of my closest friends.


Dan Tiessen, Penticton

 Dave Sutton has designed two custom homes for me and frankly, I can’t foresee the circumstance where I would use any other designer for future projects.     His depth of experience, his creativity and commitment to customer satisfaction all add up to a very enjoyable process and exceptional design.  You will not go wrong enlisting this talented designer.

Daryl Chadwell

Builder, Okanagan Falls

 We hired Dave of Ironwood Design to take a rough floor plan and create a home that was both visually appealing and appropriate externally, and functional and interesting internally. We are very pleased with the results. Dave is an exceptionally good listener and he incorporated our wishes into the design in clever ways. He is thorough and thoughtful in his approach, finding creative solutions and ensuring things worked technically. Dave is a pleasure to deal with and completed the full design and working drawings right on schedule.

Sara Crockett and Frank DeTremaudan, Keremeos

Dear Dave,

We are writing to thank you for the fantastic job you did with our house design.  We gave you a basic design and outlined the changes we wanted.  We also told you what was regrettably missing in our plan because we had to downsize for financial reasons.  The innovative and beautiful plan you created, not only gave us the changes we wanted, but also included the spaces that we thought we had lost.  By managing to include everything we wanted in such a practical and attractive design, you gave us our dream house.

Your ability to grasp all that we told you and become so involved in our project was exceptional.  We very much appreciated your professional and caring approach.

We would recommend you highly to anyone.

Yours truly,

 Eric and Diane Donegani, Okanagan Falls