Construction Drawings

services-images_1Ironwood provides highly detailed construction drawings. Quality plans are a critical investment, acting as the communication device for your entire project. They serve three main purposes; to convey your ideas to the people constructing your home, to secure accurate pricing and of course obtain a building permit. Sounds simple, but if the contractor can’t see how things go together there will be guesswork.  This costs time on site and potential deviations from the desired look and function of your home.

Quality plans have a positive ripple effect through the entire project; much like a foundation, if it starts square and level the rest must follow suit.  Without a doubt every project has its glitches and there is no such thing as “the perfect set of plans”. Ask any contractor and he will tell you…”just because it works on paper, doesn’t mean it works in the field”. Regardless, Ironwood strives to provide you plans which detail all the critical structural elements to construct your home with the least amount of guesswork.

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Creative and Thoughtful Design

services-images_2Employing Ironwood ensures you will receive the best in creative and well thought out design.  We may start with just general ideas or very rigid requirements but often times the end result is an unknown.  The design phase is not about is stuffing all your criteria into a box and calling it done. It takes enormous thought and effort to make it right, often trying things several different ways to achieve the desired result.  Some of the most interesting and unique designs have come from putting just a simple twist on an idea. This doesn’t mean your ideas will not be followed but it does mean they might get turned upside down a few times to see what lies underneath; this is the creative process.

Quite simply, creating a home requires thought and experience. Regardless of the size or complexity of a design, there is a constant; it has to be buildable and must make sense.  You can rest assured; your ideas will be given the required thought backed by experience to ensure it can be done.

Rezoning, Development and Variance Permits

services-images_3If you’re considering property development, rezoning, or a simple a variance, the factors to consider can be overwhelming. Knowing where to start and what’s even possible are the big questions. Ironwood will find you the answers and guide you through the process.  If you’re curious about the possibilities for your project or property, we can set up a quick consultation and get the ball rolling.

Architectural Renderings for Marketing

services-images_4Ironwood is partnered with a talented animator who produces high quality, photo realistic architectural renderings.  If you’re building a development or spec home for sale, renderings are an invaluable sales tool; allowing potential buyers to see the finished product prior to purchase.