Merritt Beach House


This project was fairly simple and only a few requirements….pack every feature of a large home with triple garage onto a small city lot, make it feel like a small, cozy place with a “beach house” feel, a large back yard and be unique from everything around it. Have it ready for construction in 3 months. My clients and I managed to pull it off with lots of back & forth. No stress at all and it was a great experience.

The gallery below contains the plan images and progress photos starting Dec 12/15.

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Existing house 113 Maple St. Dec 2014Rear yard existing house Dec 2014I really wanted this to look....just like this. Could envision it right from the start but took some time to nail it down.A real bonus of our new bylaw is the reduced front yard setback. It allowed for a larger rear yard which is a big plus.This home packs a lot of features (including a triple garage) into a relatively small space...two bedrooms & baths, large den, vaulted kitchen, living & dining, pottery studio and really nice covered deck accessed by folding doors off the kitchen. LOTS of revisions to get to this final layout.I chose a dual pitch roof to give this a smaller feel and kind of a cottage look.I can imagine coming home at the end of the day and seeing this view. Clean, simple and inviting.Right elevationApr 2/15 forms are up.Southeast corner at spare bedroom.Northeast corner at den.View from the streetJust about to layout rear covered deck piersRear yard & garage on the left.Rear yard from laneCompactor ready for actionApr 13/15 forms are stripped. Front porch piers in placeLooking towards spare bedroom corner.Tons of storage here. Water table is too high for a full basement but we managed almost a 5ft crawlspace.Standing at den looking to street.Because the water table is high in this end of town, no footing drains are required. No place for it to go.April 14/15 forms are stripped, walls insulated and beams in placeApril 16/15 Floor is on !Standing at rear of studio looking to street.View from the street. Won't be long and walls will be standing.Apr 22/15 Things are moving right along now. Exterior walls are framed and it's starting to take shape.Bumped out window in front bedroom.The round window will look great as you come up top the front door.Through then den window towards kitchen & dining.Kitchen, dining & living (right side)Nice view of the vaulted kitchen and opening to the covered porchLooking from rear entry towards kitchen and front entry.Studio and exit to garageHere's where the covered deck will be. Access from both the studio and the kitchen. View into triple garage from overhead door openings.May 10 /15 Roof is on !Left side of entry with triple gableCloser view of the entry & round excited for the window to be installed ! Going to look great.Standing at the entry door you can see right through to the rear covered deck.A look at the round window and window seat from inside. A bit bright flare or something ! (or I need camera settings practice)The vaulted kitchen is looking awesome. Dining area is to the left. Rear covered deck & back yard behind.Garage viewed from laneway.July 19/15 We're at lock up !Won't be long before the shakes go on.View from lane towardsAha ! The vaulted kitchen. Love it.View from patio doors toward living & entry. I like that you can see the front door from the kitchen but it's still private.Covered porch painting almost done.Check out the garage on this guy !Pottery studioFireplace almost ready for stone.Front bedroom is nice & bright. Can't quite see all of it but the main bath has a shower with the tub & toilet tucked around the corner for privacy.Master bathOct 12 / 15 Shakes are done !Still a few bits and pieces to be added but getting closeCan't get enough of round windows. Easy for me to say, I'm just the guy in the chair drawing them into as many plans as possible !Just a few jogs make a big difference. The tall vertical window allows a view from the kitchen work space to the street.Rear deck off kitchenThis will be great to come home to each day. If I lived here I'd probably never leave but still.....Tile is near done in the studio. This room will be great with the door to the covered deck & access to the back yard.Den is going to have just enough windows !! It's an awesome room.Fireplace has some stone. Going to be a driftwood mantle to continue the beachy theme.The vaulted kitchen viewed from entry to living room.Decorative beams being installed. Working out the final size on the piece at middle left.The spare bedroom isn't large but the bumped out window makes it feel bigger. Great spot for a cat to chill out.The entry to the master was a spot we went over about 7,453,289 times (kidding) but almost. It works great. Right of the entry but still private.I always gravitate to the porch.Aaaaand the porch again. Love it !