Leslie Residence


This is the third home I’ve designed on the street. The previous two are quite traditional and this is far from that ! Definitely more contemporary and has the unique feature of a climbing room on the lake side. The lot was a real challenge and had some unknown issues discovered at excavation stage…..the sewer pipe that comes from the upper subdivision was accidentally run right through the lot which meant it had to be moved. A ton of extra digging, deeper foundation and a ton of redraw resulted ! Awesome house and great work by the guys on site, this is certainly a tough one as you’ll see by the foundation forming photos.

The gallery below contains the plan images and progress photos starting Oct 2015

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Getting a visual on the lot vs. my conceptThe lot has been built up from the road below and flat spot is created for the lower levelI've got to work around the concrete lift station. Lot is tight as it is.Ok...put a house here ! That's the challenge.Front yellow line is edge of front yard, second is bottom of bank.As long as I don't cross the edge of the bank I'll be ok but it's tight.Detailed site planFront elevation. The lighter coloured walls are 14ft raised ceilings inside. Will be finished with panel siding. You can get a better idea of lot slope from this view. The lot takes a drastic drop off right past the garage. Door leads to middle level storage.Tons of window to enjoy the view of course.The plan is jogged to sit along the edges of the bank below & arranged to maximize views.Lower level includes a climbing area which I think it the coolest !This was no simple design as you can see from the section. Two crawlspace levels to get down to rear grade.One of the many foundation details required. This is the rear garage wall.Dec 4 2015. Nice weather for this super complex forming. The lot had to be over excavated which lead to a lot of footing steps. Lots !At lowest level of basement. (Climbing room level)A bit of elevation difference from road down to this pier footing !Rebar drilled and epoxied into rockGarage step footing. Nice work !Jan 17/16. Lower level walls poured. Walls backfilled and garage walls formed.This is the corner of the climbing room.Stairs are being formed into the wall from steel channel.Not the nicest day...storm coming just as I finished.Jan 27/16. Things are beginning to take shape. Garage walls done.Check out those stairs !The huge block of concrete is a 'deadman' slab to secure the rear wall into the hill.Now that the concrete is done, things will roll along.Lower deck framing. Not a bad view.Climbing room walls framed. My lovely assistant !Glulam post & beam under decks.Almost done sheathing climbing roomAgain, the floating stairs !I'm snap happy. The view is so awesome. Check out the sky.View from street above.My three in a row here !Mar 13/15. Garage is backfilled and the floor is going on.I like these stairs. Not my idea but love them. Ensuite cantilvers. Front entry in middle and kitchen rear left side.Cantilevered glulam for shower & tub area.Now that's a cantilever. We had posts here but the grade was so far down it made sense to hang this out.One more level of deck to go above this. Not a lot of yard here as you can see. Looking into the climbing room.Lower floor office exits to deck.View from office door.Cantilevered glulam is run back into house and bolted down to wall. Looking back to office on left & rec room on right.Main floor deck beam ready to go.Climbing room and storage area below.I think this is the biggest built up post in history.Looking from garage slab level down into the climbing room.A bit of a change from my initial site visit.Mar 26/16. Progress !! Now it's looking like a house.The ensuite shower and tub hanging out past the wall. Tub faces the lake.I like this view.Now that the walls are framed I'm anxious for the roof to go on. Glad I'm not the one hanging off there doing it.Tall walls are 14ft ceilings in entry and powder room.Garage door openings.Great room windows and sliding door opening to deck.Kitchen sink window on left, then dining & great room.Looking from master towards entry. Stair opening in middle.From great room deck. Still roof to go on here.This view just blows me away. Looking into kitchen area far left.