Lakeview Street Fourplex

lake6This traditional styled fourplex backs onto two quiet streets, just a block from Okanagan Lake. Two side by side units face each street and the design is also suitable for a deep lot with lane access.

Because the building was going to replace the small, traditional styled single family home located on the property, my goal was to maintain (and enhance) the character of the neighbourhood. Fortunately, the builder shared the same vision and we worked together carefully to ensure all the details were correct.

As always, the goal of an infill project such as this is to maximize the number of units and create a unique and usable space. Four, two bedroom units, each with their own 15′ x 32′ deep garage were fit onto the 50′ x 132′ lot. Each floor level is just under 600 sq.ft, with an open concept living area on the main level. Two bedrooms, each with their own bath along with laundry is located on the second level.

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Notice the garage doors are slightly below the grade at the street. The main reason for this was to keep the building within the maximum allowable height but it also minimized the number of steps from grade to the entry door.I was really pleased that the developer went with the door style as per plan. I also like that he went with a natural wood finish rather than painting the door as it makes it stand out much more.I had the benefit of seeing the structure to the right being built when I was given the task of creating this design. The area is full of character homes and I wanted to stay true to the surrounding styles. I really feel like this enhances the look of the street rather than just putting up a simple box.The barrel vaulted entry ceiling was something that I really wanted and am glad the developer followed through with. It was a little narrow but was what I had to work with. I'm pleased that it became the interesting feature I intended.I managed to extend the front porch out just a little to the right; enough to make it feel just a bit larger. Maybe nobody would have noticed if it weren't there but it gives the ability to add a couple of potted plants and not disrupt the path of travel through the entry door.Because the building shape was basically a big rectangle and we were limited to a maximum square footage, I couldn't add many bumped out sections of wall to add visual interest. I made use of trims to give a sense of different wall areas and broke the siding into a different pattern half way up the upper walls to break up the height. It's more work to do this and more flashings are required over horizontal trims but it does make a difference to the look.The choice of light fixtures is just a small touch but adds to the style much more than a pot light. I love the inviting feel of walking up these steps.