Donegani Residence

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This was a truly rewarding project with absolutely amazing clients who enjoyed every step of the process. From our first meeting right through to move in day, they were smiling every step of the way. It truly was their dream home; they were honestly just just giddy the entire time. I’d never worry about just dropping by and just knocking on the door.

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The vaulted entry has very careful placement of small square windows. the one by the door is right at the stair landing and the others are high up on the vaulted gable wall. See the next photo for a view from the interior.You can see the window placement as noted on the exterior photo. The window on the top right side isn't quite visible but there is a small computer area up there behind the wall. You can see out across the entire property from the window.My clients wanted a look that was traditional and had given me addresses of local homes that they liked. Careful use of trims and varied siding choices gave them the look they wanted. I didn't have any part of the colour choices but what they picked does make the house blend well with the landscape.The porch wraps around three sides of the house to allow enjoyment of the sunny spots in the yard throughout the day. Access to the porch from from every area of the house is provided. Notice the bead board look of the soffits. This is a much nicer look than standard aluminum soffit and has the appearance of wood.On each of the gable fascias, added just a little bumped out section to add interest to the roof lines. It's little more work but creates a nice detail. The gable faces are also bumped out above the windows to create a reveal.This is the home office & den. A built in desk and cabinetry are located to the right of the photo (not visible) and the couch pulls out into a bed for additional sleeping area.One of my favourite features of the home are the bead board cabinets which are carried throughout the home. They have a very traditional feel and the white just makes everything bright.I honestly can't nail down why I place a round window in as many homes as I can but....I do !! It really worked out well here and is always a topic of conversation. It's not often that people decide to actually do the window but when it's done it looks great. I recall a lot of grumbling and discussion about it in the beginning but it's a feature that was well worth the effort.The sign on the wall sums it all up.Here's a view of the kitchen and dining from the back of the great room. Such a bright and open space with lake views from every direction. The fact that there are really only two paint colours everywhere isn't that noticeable. I think too many colours may have made it feel too busy; the room shapes create interest on their own.You can just catch a little view of the railings at the top left of the photo. At the top of the stairs there is a balcony connecting the upper floor bedrooms which looks down into the great room.This is a really amazing room. I was a little unsure in the beginning about the height vs. the width but it turned out just right.Great room as viewed from the walkway above. Once you arrive at the top of the stairs, there is a walk way leading left and right to bedrooms and bonus space above the garage.The master bedroom window sills were set low in order to be able to see as much of the view as possible while sitting in bed.Here's the bead board cabinetry again which I just love. This is the master bedroom ensuite; access to the walk-in closet is to the right and bedroom to the left. The windows above the tub are large enough to view the lake while standing at the vanity but not too low for privacyExterior view of the master bedroom bay window in the previous photo. Another great feature in the photo are the concrete paths around the house. Adding curves to them makes it feel less rigid than straight walks.As I noted in the interior of the great room, I wanted the look of the round windows on the exterior. Something about it just told me it had to go in there. Not an easy unit to trim but well worth it.The large, square window on the right side of the upper floor looks out to the lake from the bedroom. From inside, the window takes up nearly the entire wall; I did get harassed by the owners for making it so large but it had to look proportional on the exterior and the view is amazing.This sums up the cottage feel to me. I just want to dock the boat and head in for a barbeque.My favourite shot of the home; endless spaces to enjoy the outdoors. The true purpose of the home was to allow the entire family to visit with everyone having a space. The unique metal fire pit was part of the original cabin at the property.