Crockett & DeTremaudan Residence


Construction is rolling along on my latest design. It’s an awesome little plan with everything anyone could ever need. It’s a clean & modern with a small footprint yet packs every feature of a much larger home; it’s totals just under 2200 sq.ft. on two floors. Amazing views surround the home but privacy was also a big concern. The upper level is full of windows to take advantage of the view and the main floor is designed around a courtyard for privacy. It’s really an amazing design and one of my favourites. My clients were awesome to work with and they knew what the wanted; alot of house in a small package, designed in a tight time frame. Over the course of about six weeks we explored every inch of the design upside down and backwards and submitted for permit right on time.

I’ve included the plan images in the gallery along with detailed progress photos


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Site PlanFront ElevationView to the southView to south westView from to north westMain Floor PlanUpper Floor PlanLeft ElevationRight ElevationRear ElevationSept 2013 excavation is complete and footings are being formed. Crawlspace on the left and full basement on the right.Stepped forms from crawlspace level to basement.Crawlspace and basement forms. It's a complex little job.Wall forms are being placed.Super size egress window from basement. If you gotta get out there's no point struggling through a small opening.Concrete has arrived !'Epic' Ryan Bennett and the New Spaces crew. All smiles.. footings are done. October 4, 2013 Walls are poured and curing.View from front yard. Master bedroom area on the left, courtyard in the middle and living area on the right.Wall jogged for master bedroom fireplace.Looking into the courtyard at center of photo. Large doors from both the living area ad master will allow you to walk right through from one side of the house to the other.Down at the basement level looking into the crawlspace area under the master bedroom.This taken just about where the bottom of the stairs will be located. There was some complex forming here to transition from the crawlspace down to basement slab level.Beam pocket formed into the concrete wall. Oct 14, 2013. Forms are stripped and it's taking shape. Some interesting forming required here. This will make sense in later photos but these are raised sections of wall in the area where the courtyard slab will be poured. There's a door on the left and right but the idea is to keep the wall framing raised above slab level for water protection.Looking down into the courtyard area in the center.Basement level looking towards the egress window. Looking a little less chaotic now that the forms are stripped.Here's the back walls of the courtyard with openings to the crawlspace areas on left and right. You can see the beam pocket I mentioned in an earlier photo.Whoo hoo ! The floor is framed. In order to keep the steps from inside to the yard grade at a minimum, the floor was hung inside the foundation rather than sitting on top. There's two steps reduced right there.Oct 31, 2013. The tall wall at the stairwell is standing and most of the main floor walls are complete. The tall wall is part of the two-storey vault over the stairs.Here's a carport pier with post saddle in place. The stucco piers above will be built out to about 18 inches square which require the large concrete base. Here's the interior view of the tall wall. This is going to frame the two storey vaulted ceiling area above the stairs. Looking towards the master bedroom 10 ft wide sliding door opening. To the left of it is a window into the master bedroom hallway. Standing at the back of the kitchen looking towards the living room. (to the right) To the left is a 6ft opening for a folding door from the dining area to the courtyard. The big opening in the wall where the top plates are missing, is an opening for a 14 ft wide x 8 ft high folding door. Going to be awesome ! All ceilings in the house are 10ft which allows for some tall windows.This is a spot I described in the concrete forming photos. Because the exterior slab will be poured close to the floor level, the framing was raised (on the concrete wall) to prevent the sill plates from potentially being exposed to moisture. (rain bouncing off the slab etc.) A pain to form but cheap insurance for water protection.Same wall viewed from the exterior. The slab will be poured up to the edge of the lip above the damp-proof coating. Doors will sit in the lip and the framing is raised above this. You can see how close the sub-floor (plywood) is to the exterior. This is to minimize (or remove) the step down from interior to exterior.Living room end viewed from the backyard. Tall windows on the left and right of the fireplace in the middle.Same window and fireplace configuration for the master bedroom side. There are just a few main floor windows on this side but are hidden by the sheahting. Another one of the front of the house. The ridge of the carport roof will tie into about the center of the tall wall. Nov 8 2013. All the walls are framed and in a few days the roof trusses will be installed.Looking at the rear; living area on the left, courtyard middle and master bedroom on the right.Trusses are on site and ready to go up.It looks really boxy but wait 'till the roof goes on.I'm lovin' the round windows !Gotta love the new signs !The walls with the round window are going to hang out over the eating bar in the kitchen and be open to the upper floor.This is the opening for the folding doors that open on to the courtyard from the living room.This is interesting...I've only done this once before but it turned out great and was a nice feature. The main floor bath is accessed of the stair landing. Because the main level has 10ft ceilings, I was able to get the bath in there and still have an 8ft ceiling.Another look at the area which will be open to the upper level. Looks kind of odd now but will make sense down the road. Looking down at the landing and main floor bath area.Awesome views from the studio.Looking down into the master bedroom. The bed will go on the left under the high, narrow window.Looking out through the dormer above the kitchen.View from the upper level bedroom.Vaulted stair opening.Lots of windows around the stairs to maximize the view.Sneaking a peek out the round opening.Nice plans !!Nov 28 2013. I didn't make it down for any truss photos but the roof is almost done now and windows installed.This looks much different than a month ago when it was just walls.Lots of visual interest on this house. Folding door is finally installed and it's awesome !View from back yard towards courtyard.Master bedroom sliding doors. These are some of the nicest units I've seen in a long time. The 2x10 ladders (overhangs) here are enormous but they needed to be deep because a trellis will span between them across the courtyard.Looking into the master bedroom. The window will be directly above the bed. Standing in the master ensuite; the tub will be immediately in front of me and bedroom on the left / front of photo.Here's my favourite part. Can you tell ?? This is the view as you enter the kitchen. The eating bar will project out from the window where Sara is standing.Here's the opposite view standing at the back of the eating bar.Ryan is demonstrating how smooth the folding doors are. These are reeeeallly nice !Both the dining (left) and living room (right) will be open to the outdoors.