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Your Designer – Dave Sutton

I’m Dave Sutton; building designer and owner of Ironwood Residential Design. If you’re considering Ironwood to create your next building, I’d like to provide you insight about me as we’ll be working closely together throughout the process.

I’m an extremely creative and detail oriented person with a passion for design. I understand your building is an enormous investment and must be treated as such; it’s permanent and has to be right.

Experience has taught me that good design takes time and I have never been met with success by rushing through something just to “get it done”. Although it may seem obvious, the design must work. I’ve seen enough to know not everyone thinks things through before finalizing a design. It may be a product of how we think today; wanting everything yesterday, but it’s not how I work.

No matter how simple or complex your ideas, they must be buildable. My goal is to provide you with top quality plans to accurately construct those ideas. My role in the process is to listen and gather your information, applying my skill & experience in creating an exceptional building. If I’ve done my job, you’ll find features in the design you wanted but were unaware you’d even told me.

Above all, the design will not become what I want. It’s about what you want.

I certainly don’t claim to know everything and anticipate learning something new on each project. I’d love for you to bring me something that challenges me and in return I’d provide you with something you didn’t imagine possible. I believe communication is critical and I will make myself available to you throughout the process, treating you as I would expect to be treated. Ultimately, I want exceed to your design expectations and have you recommend me to others. I welcome you to bring me your ideas for discussion.