720 Alexander Progress

Things are moving along now and formwork is almost completed.The weather couldn’t have been better for late December.

Not sure who this Ironwood character is but I keep seeing his sign around town

Front entry pier

Left corner looking towards ensuite

The orange tarp is about the middle of the covered rear patio. Garage is behind to the left

The plank to the right of the tarp leads to what will be the dining room

This is quite a compact little place. The area within the forms is the entire main floor including master & ensuite, kitchen, dining, pantry, powder room, living room, office, entry and stairs !

I’m standing in the laneway looking at the garage. We squeezed every square inch possible onto the lot ! Not a whole lotta yard remains.

Gas line to existing house is located and will be re-routed. It took so long to get this done they had to form around it.