720 Alexander Progress April 24 /15

Delinquent Dave strikes again !! Been taking pics since Feb 2nd but haven’t stopped to upload all of them to the gallery. They are all in there now and hopefully more soon. Really couldn’t be more pleased with how this building is shaping up.

The scratch coat is complete…..now for the final colours. I have an idea of what it will be but waiting on the owner’s final decision. Can’t wait !

This house fits the lot perfectly and doesn’t look out of place at all. Like it was meant to be here.

Please have a scroll through the gallery to see the progress.


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Aerial view of site. The red property line is the new lot which was subdivided from the back yard of the existing house. Garage at top right is now removed.We used every inch available on the site to get the house & garage situated. Just enough room for a bti of back yad.There's a lot packed into this 1200 SF plan. It's set up for one level living with master on the main floor.The upper level contains a 551 SF secondary suite with access to the roof deck as well as an office space for the home owner.The house is modern styled with clean lines. Front walls are angled to the street which will give a unique look. There's also a concrete planter built around the entry piers. I've used vertical strips of corrugated metal siding in line with the windows to break up the wall. The red shade sails will give protection from the sun on the roof deck & will stand out as an interesting design element. Can't miss 'em !Access to the secondary suite is provided by the stairs. I've added a two storey glulam post to support the stair landing as well as the roof above. Nov 21/14 - excavation has finally started. Viewed from north west toward ensuite corner.Viewed from garage entry location at lane.The excavation will be fairly shallow as the water table only allows for footings to be about 24' below grade.View from north east at covered entry locationLoad of gravel being placed for rock pits.Dec 29/14 These guys aren't wasting any time. Backfill is complete and the crawlspace slab is just poured. Standing in the lane looking at the garage foundationStanding in back yard looking towards covered patio & dining entranceEnsuite / master bedroom corner from streetI'm trying an interesting feature here. This will be a concrete planter as you come to the entry. Walls are yet to be poured.Walls will be poured where the rebar is exposed. These will form concrete planters, one on each side of the covered entry. Looking at the entry area piers from behind.Feb 8/15 Walls are up and trusses are being installedI'm still in love with this planter idea !Really starting to see the building shape now. A lot going on for a small building.The vertical members on the main floor trusses will form the wall of the roof deck. Glulam beams are in place for the covered deck. They will stay exposed.Looking from kitchen toward living room. The glulam will also be left exposed here.Master bedroom. You can see the entry on the left through the studsdLooking out the front entry.Stairs are in but blocked off for safety for now.The hallway leads around the stairs into the living / dining.Mike's Man Cave. (Maple Leaf Headquarters...I mean Habs !!)Upper level suite area - bedroom on the left and kitchen / living will be on the other side of the glulam beam.I love this room ! Lots of windows and high ceiling give it a great effect.Sheathing is almost complete on the roof deck.Looking down to the covered deck roof trusses.Towards the stairs from the man cave. A wall will be framed full height along the stairs.These corner windows will add nice light to the stairwell. Apr 2/15 Lots of progress happening...roof is on, soffits are being installed !The best view of this house in my opinion...well at least my favourite. Looks great from every side.Porch posts are build out now & will be clad with stone. Another shot of the covered deck off the dining area.Insulation is complete & drywall has begun.Living area looking towards dining & kitchen.Really cool view up the stairwell. The roof deck turned out great.The 24 x 24 stone tiles sit on rubber pedestals and let water run through to drain.Man cave nearing completion !These boarders are doing a great job.Glad I added the corner windows in the stairwell. Scratch coat is on and it's looking much more close to finished !Now that the fencing is down and things are tidied up you can see how clean and simple the building lines are.The posts lagged to the wall are supports for shade sails. Can't wait to see them installed.The garage has an extra door for easy access right into the back yard with bikes etc.The entry posts are furred out and waiting for stone to be installed.Soffits are complete, just some flashing to be installed over the fascia.

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