720 Alexander Framing Progress

As usual I’ve been a bit delinquent in getting progress photos. Things have come a long way in the last month or so and framing is near complete

I’m loving the look of the tall windows in the office above the entry.

My concrete entrance planters turned out just as I had hoped. Never really tried these before but a first time for everything.

You can see the walls of the office (with the bank of 4 windows) are about 30″ taller than the rest. Will give an 11-6 ceiling.

Looking from the lane towards the back yard & covered patio. The garage is yet to be framed.

Looking towards the covered patio off the dining area. The posts will be built out to about 18″ x 18″ with the glulam beams left exposed.

Standing at dining room looking towards kitchen (right) and living (left).

Looking into the master bedroom. I had planned on vertical windows here but the owner decided on a high window for privacy. Looks good and it’s more private.

Looking out the front entry to the street. I always see that red S-10 pickup in my photos. I think I’m being followed !

These angled stairs took some brain power but they save space and look really good.

There’s a lot going on here. he ceiling above me is a flat roof deck. You can see the trusses hung from the girder over the stair. I sweated this one for a long time just sneaking by with headroom at the landing. Powder bath is to the right, main floor office just behind and the kitchen is all the way around to the left.

I’m looking into the office as I come up the stairs. Probably the coolest room in the house. the large opening on the left is a door to the roof deck.

Looking into the suite area. My client’s daughter will have her own self contained kitchen, living, dining (right of beam) and bedroom, bath & laundry (left of beam). She will also have her own entrance leading down to the back yard.

I think I’m in love with the office. There are six 2ft x 6ft 6in windows in there plus the deck door. Unfortunately a Habs fan will reside here but I may sneak some Leafs memorabilia in there when he’s not looking. Maybe a bad idea as he would likely set it on fire. Scratch that.

Here’s the roof deck off the suite area. I designed the floor trusses with the vertical pieces at the edge so they will form about a 24″ wall. On top of it will be an 18″ high glass railing. Privacy from the street but view through the glass. Pretty smart eh !

I’m looking out the bedroom window at the covered patio roof trusses. This is one of the first few flat roofed structures I’ve done so it’s taken some education and trial and error (drawing and redrawing) to make it work. So far so good !

Another one from the office looking toward the stairs. Secondary suite is behind the stair wall.

I put in these tall windows over the stairs to dump light into the space. As you go down the stairs you get a great look at the sky. Of course if you’re outside on the roof deck you can look inside and make faces at whoever is coming down the stairs. (That’s the real reason for the windows here) .