720 Alexander Foundation Progress

Backfill is complete. These guys aren’t wasting any time !

Since I was here last week, backfill is complete and the crawlspace skim coat has just been poured.

Standing in the lane at the garage entrance.

Standing in the back yard at covered patio area. Where the wheelbarrow sits will be the dining entry doors. Floor joists are on site so it won’t be long before we can stand on the main floor.

Standing on the street side looking towards the master ensuite corner. Once the slab is cured, bearing walls will be framed and the floor will be installed. The higher wall with foundation coating on it is the back of a concrete planter against the master bedroom wall.

The concrete pier will support the covered entry roof beam. Rebar is exposed where a concrete planter will be poured on the right side of the entry walkway.

I think this is going to look great. I’ve got a triangular shaped, concrete planter on the left of the entry. The corner post will support the upper floor which is also angled and follows parallel to the planter. Gonna be sweet !

I’m standing at the rear of the covered entry. You’ll be able to access this area from the side yard as well. Dying to see the planters in place !

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