230 Abbott St.

As soon as I heard where this project was being built (on a street with character homes right near my office downtown) and that is was going to be traditional style, I set my mind to be the designer. Really glad I was chosen for the project and had a great time working with my clients. I wanted to do something that suited the street and not contrast it & think I nailed it. I first visited the site in March 2014, we worked on design and several hefty revisions through the year and construction started March 2015. Move in was Christmas 2015 and I was at the house for a visit (lunch) this February 2016. Not quite ready for final photos yet but a little landscaping and I’ll be sure to get some.

I’m a little behind and have yet to add descriptions to all the photos in the gallery but you’ll quite easily see what’s going on for now.

The house wasn’t terribly complex but the steepness of the site added some complexity in the foundation as you’ll see in the gallery.

The gallery below contains the plan images and progress photos starting Mar 14/15.


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